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Temaco is a member of Hydrotech Environmental Ganatsios & Co E.E., with over 40 years experience in the water treatment industry.

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Our Mission

  • Waste water treatment

    From the earliest of times, most wastewater has truly been wasted. However, it is a vast resource if we reclaim it properly, which includes the separation of municipal from industrial wastewater.

    As water supplies fall and stress rises in many areas, the potential resource of wastewater is being widely recognized.

    Our main goal is reclaiming life giving water and giving it back to nature using clean and sustainable methods.

  • Dynamic Ecology

    Given the growing importance of wastewater management to the health of people and economies at local and national levels, having up-to-date clean and sustainable methods for wastewater treatment and reuse is an essential investment.

  • Soil Ecology

    Our mission is to help farmers grow chemicals free food and reduce polutants and the need for fertilizers

    • Our products reduces the need for purchasing fertilizer
    • Our method involves less energy cost and is a clean and safe alternative to fertilizers and pesticides
    • Our products enable farmers in peri-urban areas to produce high-value vegetables for sale in local markets.
  • Waste water reutilisation

    It has been reported that wastewater today irrigates only between 1.5% and 6.6% of the global irrigated area!

Advantages of our solutions

  • Significant reduction of micropollutants
  • Potential increase in biogas production with simultaneous increase of methane content therein
  • Potential reduction in energy consumption at aeration stage
  • 100% degradation and elimination of excess sludge
  • Significant improvement in plant effluent parameters
  • Liquefaction and elimination of fats, oils and greasein treatment plants and pumping stations
  • Substantial odour elimination

CCO-cr reduction 50%
Fats reduction 60%
MTS reduction 60%
N 25%
P 20%
Sludge reduction 90%