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Implementation of YdroProcess technology in septic tanks and sewerage systems of hotels, guesthouses and houses

 Implementation of the procedure at open septic tanks:

The required amount of microorganisms depends on the volume of the septic tank and the number of people served. An example: for a septic tank of 10 cubic meters, serving 4 people, an amount of about 12 gr / month is needed.

Dosing will be done once a week (four times a month), in the toilet, in the evening, when there is no longer water consumption, without diluting the amount of microorganisms.

The results of the application are: elimination of odor, elimination of organic load and fat from the septic tanks. In septic tanks, only the liquid part remains, without the organic load, which will have to be emptied less often, and in open septic tanks, water will be absorbed into the soil.

The time required to obtain the results shown is about a month.

Implementation of the process at hotels and guesthouses

A prior study is required regarding the configuration of the sewerage network of the hotel:

– whether or not it is connected to the municipal sewerage network

– whether or not it has a system of settling basin, grease separator

– whether or not it has a restaurant.

The dosage will be made at the end of the daily activity with the undiluted product at one or more points in the toilets on an upper floor.

The required amount depends on the number of people who are served, also taking into account the restaurant.

The result of the implementation is:

– elimination of unpleasant odors from the sewer pipe

– elimination of fat and organic load.

The time required to obtain the results named above is about a month.